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Rich features that come standard in your Free version

Free cloud software is often stripped of features essential to your business, salescomp is different, what you need to begin automating your sales compensation process is included!

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Self guided sales compensation plan builder
  • Step through a guided decision tree to choose from a variety of plan options
  • Create plan types for sales reps (direct crediting), sales managers (indirect/roll-up crediting) and territory reps
  • Decide what sales event triggers credits to plan participants (e.g. demo, invoiced, paid in full)
  • Pay based on total sales, per transaction, margin, quota attainment, flat dollar amount… and more
  • Build quota, rate, and territory tables on the fly
  • Add guarantees, draws, chargebacks, accelerators, splits, prorations and true ups
  • Decide how often your plans will pay: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually
Enter key data In bulk via upload templates or individually 1 1
Enter key data In bulk via upload templates or individually
  • Plan participants (aka payees, sales reps, sales managers, territory reps etc)
  • Sales transactions (aka deals, opportunities etc.)
  • MBO (Manage By Objective) records
Enter key data In bulk via upload templates or individually 1
Build your multi-tiered organizational hierarchy
  • Use existing participant data
  • Assign participants to their managers
  • Remove and reassign to a different manager
  • Use your hierarchy to roll credits from reps to managers
Review the healthreadiness of your plans and participants
Review the health/readiness of your plans and participants
  • Check your work while building your compensation plans
  • Final check prior to calculating pay
  • Post calculation check for diagnosis
Payment results validation at the transaction level
Payment results validation at the transaction level
  • Review the status of your transactions: new, calculated, errored
  • Inspect the details of how calculations were performed (e.g. what values and rates were used to perform the calculation)
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Self service analytics for admins, sales reps and sales managers
  • Ad hoc reporting for admin validation and issue resolution
  • Compensation statements for plan participants (time-stamped static report indicating what was paid)
  • Dashboards for admins and plan participants (dynamic visual view of how a payees/participants are trending)
sales quick books
Inbound data integrations
  • SalesForce (future)
  • Quickbooks (future)
  • Inquiry (future)
  • Payroll Approvals (future)
  • Plan Approvals (future)
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See for yourself.

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"The Salescomp solution will give me access to a level of performance data that can help me manage the performance of my sales teams and incentive programs. The Early Access Program is a great opportunity to automate our compensation and incentive processes."

Sima Vasa CEO & Co-founder, Paradigm Sample
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"It has become increasingly difficult to manage our sales compensation process. I am looking forward for ChartSpan to participate in the Salescomp Early Access Program."

Jon-Michial Carter CEO & Founder, ChartSpan
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"Salescomp is precisely what the comp space has been missing. The Salescomp team are true Sales Compensation expert. We are excited to be part of the Early Access Program."

Christopher Watters CEO, Watters International Realty
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"The Early Access Program is an exciting opportunity to be an early influencer of the Salescomp product. I am also excited about using the Salescomp Analytics module."

Amy Palmer President & CEO, Soldier's Angels
Scale Factor

"I am excited that there is a new feature rich and yet free sales compensation product for small companies. Thanks for including us as part of the Salescomp Early Access Program."

David Loia CRO, ScaleFactor
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"Sales compensation plans are always hard to manage. I am looking forward to be part of the Salescomp Early Access Program and making my compensation process much simpler."

Lisa Capps Treasurer & CFO, CoreTel Communications
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"I have been waiting for a product like this to come out. No activation, comprehensive and free. I am excited to be part of the Early Access Program for Salescomp. This product could be a real game changer for the SMB market"

Robert Blount Vice President of Sales, LeadMD
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